Welcome, we are glad you found us.  We get what you are going through because we have been through it ourselves.  Coach Mickey, in particular, had a horrible teen life, both at school and at home, she gets it.  Her passion is to help you get it too.  Why just survive school, family, friends, life? How would it be to feel on top of it for once?  

AND, just to be clear...what we offer is affirmative...there is NO conversion therapy to be found here.


Coach Mickey 714 743 5612

Call 714.743.5612 or TXT

Certified Teen Life Coach
Certified Guided Imagery Therapist
Certified Batterers Intervention Counselor
Certified Domestic Violence Counselor
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
NAWBO Mentor

Chelsea Crow-Fuentes, MA


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #88997

Associate Professional  Clinical Counselor PCI #123676

Supervised through I.A.S.
by Dr. Mickey Wilson, MFC #49203

Specializing in female trauma utilizing EMDR and expressive arts therapy

Contact (949)484-5008

Website:  www.HealingYourFuture.com



George Fuentes, MA



Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #91667

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor  #PCCI 2713

Supervised through I.A.S.
by Dr. Mickey Wilson, MFC #49203

Bilingual, Specializing in millennial men dealing with family conflict arising out of addictions, life transitions, and traumatic experiences

Contact: (949)385-1962

Website:  www.GeorgeFuentesmft.com

Chelsea Crow Fuentes, MA & George Fuentes, MA offer Couples Counseling by a Couple!

Please refer to their website https://www.coupleforcouplescounseling.com/

for a unique counseling experience if your marriage is troubled


Ryan Heapy blk jacket.jpeg

Ryan Heapy

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #99655

Supervised through IAS by Dr. Mickey Wilson MFC #$49203

Specializing in Men's Issues, including drug and alcohol addiction,  gaming addiction, dating, marriage and relationships, and turning points

Contact (949) 257-2580


Connie Hsu profile pic long IMG_2184.JPG

Connie Hsu

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #96447

Supervised through IAS by Dr. Mickey Wilson MFC #49203

Specializing in Multi-Generational Culture Clashes and Divorce Recovery

Contact (562) 888-1232 (Fluent in English and Mandarin)


Felecia Pedrogo, MS

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #94390

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #3148

Supervised through I.A.S. by Dr. Mickey Wilson MFC #49203

Specializing in Men living the down-low and Parents of Children who identify as LGBTQ

Contact:  (949)228-2782



Michelle Iankowitz, MSW

Associate Clinical Social Worker

Supervised through I.A.S. by Dr. Mickey Wilson, MFC #49203

Specializing in Trauma Which Affects Couples

Contact: (310)595-8362


We help teens, tweens, young adults and their families navigate:

Depression and suicide prevention, dealing with a suicide attempt, the suicide of a friend or family member.

Rough language in order to be accepted by a certain friend or group.


Weekend parties and the pressure to go along with stealing meds, alcohol, drinking and drinking games, sex...all in an effort to be accepted and fit in, and the resulting anxiety of not fitting in which can lead to depression and suicide attempts.

Blended family situations are common in today's world; children struggling in school; and financial pressures are just some of the issues which can strain a marriage to the breaking point.

Help with addiction be it drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, on line gaming, food, shopping, drama...

The new rules of dating.


Pressure from all directions to be successful in school with grades and sports and popularity.


Anxiety at school with tests or sports, or with friends, or with family


Body image and pressure from self and others about appearance leading to out of control behavior like anorexia, bulimia, extreme dieting, cutting


Help specifically for teen boys and young men


The evil trinity of down-low, darkness and deception.


Your child has just told you they are gay...now what?


Coming out to family, dating in the LGBT community, gender dysphoria,  questioning sexual orientation, sex identity support.



Trauma therapy - EMDR



We're not just another adult – We're not gonna lecture you.  We're not a best friend – We really won't gossip behind your back, and we actually do know what to do.  We're not a sibling or rival – We're not in competition with you.  We really are on your side

As coaches we focus on where you are now in your life, where you would rather be, and how to get there.  Challenges are a part of everyone’s life.  Being challenged will never go away, but you can learn tools and strategies to successfully overcome whatever life (and parents, and teachers, and friends, and whoever…) throw at you.  Coaching is simple, yet powerful – and we have fun too!