I Hate Myself and What I See In The Mirror

As a girl do you look in the mirror and think I secretly binge, use drugs, drink, cut, go to sex parties...I think I'm too fat, too shy, not smart enough, lack confidence...if only I was thinner, smarter, better looking - I wouldn't need to do these things to feel better about myself.  Then I’d be popular (or at least not be picked on and teased) I’d be accepted by the popular crowd, I’d have THE guy…

As a guy do you look in the mirror and think I have a small frame and no muscles, acne, ugly hair, ugly smile…do you hate the locker room?   If only you could bulk up, be more attractive, more handsome…if only, then you’d be better at sports and have a better chance with the pretty, popular girls.


Everyone deserves dignity
and respect, not self-loathing, which can lead to steroids, out of control dieting/exercising, drugs, alcohol binges, anorexia, bulimia, cutting or worse…dying or horribly maiming yourself.     I have a thought for you…”I never thought I was a bully, until I saw how I treated myself…” 

I do NOT do talk therapyCoaching is very different.  And I’ve got a tool for you, a secret weapon, if you will, to use outside of our coaching sessions, which is where you need it.  My tool for you is one-on-one guided imagery.  Guided imagery is kinda like day dreaming with a purpose.  You find what it is you really want and how to best achieve it.  With guided imagery you can see what’s really going on and how to change it.  No matter the problem, this helps.  And it helps fast.  

Don’t wait any longer to find and love your true self!  When you call 714.743.5612 or TXT anytime, ask for Coach Mickey.