To The Parents


It’s only natural to worry about the people you love, and especially your children.  We want them to be happy, healthy, popular, successful.  We want them to avoid the mistakes we made. 

Every generation seems to come up with new and different “stupid mistakes” that parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, are baffled by.  Sexing didn’t exist 15 years ago.  Dieing by huffing computer keyboard cleaner was unheard of.  AND, there is a resurgence of "old' vices such as binge drinking, drugging, toking and sex gamesBullying has reached new heights today, with deadly consequences.  College is now unbelievably expensive and over-crowded-  kids with B/C grade point averages are being turned away.

Teens, pre-teens and young adults are over-scheduled with, and exhausted by, school and extracurricular activities, over-stimulated by technology, and stressed by having to navigate “home/family world” and “teen/school/work world.” The result is a teen, pre-teen or young adult who has “over-the-top” reactions to everyday events.  A simple question by you receives a vicious, hateful, angry temper tantrum.  The weekend launches them into a sad, sullen, withdrawn mood.  It can be frightening to see your happy, lovable child turn into an unreachable stranger. 

As a Certified Teen Life Coach, I can inform you, I can support you, I can help your family navigate difficult times, I can help with all these parenting issues and more.   Please call to discuss your family’s unique situation, and your teen, pre-teen or young adult’s individual needs.  Help is only a phone call away...714.743.5612, or TXT , ask for Coach Mickey.


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